Thoughts on Gamedev

Game development for me is something like a big project where I can make myself hundreds of mini-projects to practice everything from character design to tiniest UI. My problem comes from my lack of motivation to grab the path of code. I can already move a block into a block in Construct 2, and I have tried PlayMaker in Unity (which probably was a waste of money, but perhaps I’ll get back to it one day), but I always wanted someone else to do the coding for me, and just let me do the art and actually direct the game in a way I would want it to.

My problem is I prefer to be a lone wolf when it comes to something like that, because with a programmer on the team, there’s that sort of pressure, and the product feels like it wasn’t made by me anymore. I honestly would love to find an alternative to this, and even if Construct 2 saves a lot of time, I’m still limited to low framerates sometimes, which brings me to optimization.

512 and 1024 are my greatest friend numbers. Did I mention I hate game development? Ah, yes.

APR25MAY07 - LalaNekoPST.png

Anyway, in order for me to keep on going with these artistic mini-projects, I need to pull myself together and fiddle with code and optimize the damn thing. As long as I don’t rush it like I did with Balloon King, even if it took years to develop.

The feeling of releasing Balloon King was amazing. Sure, a few negative reviews here and there, but people enjoyed it, and generally found it addicting. This brought tears to me and I was really happy. And I want to experience it again, but with something bigger. So I’m slowly starting to work on a new game project, but I’ll only work on it when I feel like it. There are no constraints for me and if I ever feel forced to do this, I’ll lose my passion for it. Do I have nothing else to draw? Absolutely not. I feel obliged to satisfy as many of my patrons as I can. I can barely scrape two Patreon requests per month and this does hit me pretty hard, that I can’t give back to the people more.

So I’m taking Society of Visual Storytelling classes now, and honestly I couldn’t ask for better instructors than Will Terry, Jake Parker, Guy Francis and Marco Bucci. Absolutely adorable styles and well structured cheap classes.

I hope this is the end of all this FFXIV addiction and any other unhealthy gaming addictions, because I swear if I’ll ever spend more time on gaming than drawing in a week, I’m gonna end up being a toilet cleaner at McDonald’s…. that is if they’ll even accept me there.