End of July Update, 2017


Finally having returned from the vacation, I’m full of energy and passion to continue working on my sequel of Balloon King. I started working on it somewhere around the beginning of this summer but most progress was made couple of days before vacation and the days following after I returned from vacation, including today.

Somehow it’s much more fun and productive when you are working while on a call with someone and sharing your screen through skype. It really feels nice to share my process with others, but I’m always too shy to stream on Twitch my sketch phases, because these usually take the longest and when I’m streaming it feels like the audience has some sort of weight on me to finish faster. Just like with the Jyushimatsu drawing which I planned to stream for entire day but ended up doing it for like 2/3rds of it.

The game is coming along nicely and I’m hoping that it will continue that way when I start this painful job at the theatre. I probably wouldn’t have been so enthusiastic about the game if not the hours I spent taking notes during my vacation for the game’s mechanics and story. One thing which really helped is writing down 3 unique things for each level. It feels like if one cannot list at least three, there’s no point in separating that level from the others.

I’ll try to use this blog as a hub for posting game art and progress of how Balloon King 2 rolls out. It’ll take time, lots of time, but I’m ready for it, cause I already have a game released on my belt.

If you’d like to support the development of the game or just generally request some art, check out my Patreon and Twitch. I don’t stream often, and my streaming schedule will become even tighter with new job because busiest days for me will be Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you on the stream tho, see ya’!


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